Traditional Illustration, reproductions and greetings cards

Traditional Illustration, reproductions and greetings cards


Welcome to Jesmond Cat's webpage! This is the gateway to a colourful and quirky world. Clicking on the buttons at the foot of the page will take you to our online shop, where you can view and purchase any of the wide range of prints, limited editions, and greetings cards available from Jesmond Cat Designs, or to our Facebook page where you can be kept abreast of our activities, exhibitions and new products!

18/06/21- we are very pleased with local printer Swiftprint's work on our 'holiday Puffin' image- it is now available as a gloriously colourful shiny postcard, from Crafty Praxis gift shop in Huddersfield town centre.


Our offer for June is the 'Underwater' pack- 3 blank Turtle greetings cards, 4 baby Sea Dragon postcards, 3 cute Seahorse postcards and 3 postcards featuring a brave Butterfly Fish in purple waters! The normal price would be £11, reduced to £9 for the month of June. Click on the first button below to take you direct to our online shop.